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Caretakers of the 



Canada's Critically Endangered Indigenous Horse

and home of

We offer a place of sanctuary and healing to both horses and people.  In restoring the Ojibwe Horse to it's former, and rightful place among The People, we seek to support the journey of restoration for all Indigenous People. We are committed to reconnecting the spiritual and working bonds that historically united the Indigenous Peoples and Horses of Turtle Island. 

In partnering with these sacred horses we employ techniques in Equine Assisted Learning and Personal Development Coaching to facilitate opportunities for personal growth and healing.  Ojibwe Horses are perfectly suited to this work.  Their natural connection to people is born out of a long history of living as free allies among Indigenous people.  They were never kept in captivity yet chose to remain with the people and work hard to help them.  At With a Twist Ranch, the horses continue this work.  They teach us a better way to be.

In the spirit of truth and reconciliation, we acknowledge that this organization is hosted on the unceded traditional territories of the First Nations people of Canada. 

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